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Dale Rogers Training Center

Who We Are

When a group of parents of young children with developmental disabilities formed the Oklahoma County Council for Mentally Retarded Children in 1953, they wanted a safe and caring place for their sons and daughters.

That same year Dale Evans Rogers, one of the most popular celebrities of her time, published Angel Unaware, an inspiring account of the life of her daughter Robin, who was born with Down syndrome and died just before she turned two. Yet her brief life brought great joy to her family. For the rest of her life, Dale Rogers attributed her family’s strong values and their faith to Robin. Angel Unaware opened the door for changes for people with disabilities as it reached millions who admired Dale and Roy Rogers for their candor and their devotion to their daughter. As a tribute to Dale, the parents named the school after her.

By 1975 the young children of the families who founded the original Council were well beyond the age for public school. For their sake, and for hundreds like them, the Dale Rogers School began its transition from a school to a vocational training and employment center.

Over the years the Dale Rogers Training Center, Inc. (DRTC) has grown at a steady pace, acquiring federal contracts, winning awards, and implementing mobile workforce groups. DRTC works to earn its own way, to show that people with disabilities can do quality work, and – to a great extent – earn their own way. The self-sufficiency of the agency, as well as the individuals, continues to grow.

With more than 60 years of service, and continuing growth, DRTC is proud to say we are the largest agency of our kind in the state of Oklahoma. How proud those pioneering parents and advocates from the 1950’s would be now! With the continued support of the Oklahoma City community, there is no limit to what DRTC can accomplish in the future as we continue blazing trails and building independence.

Robin & Dale Rogers at the PianoRobin Rogers


What We Do

Mission Statement

Dale Rogers Training Center, Inc. (DRTC) supports people with disabilities through paid vocational training, in-house programs and work opportunities as well as competitive community employment.


The citizen who has a disability is an individual human being, deserving of opportunities for learning, for development and for contribution. DRTC places the person first, focusing on their interests, skills and abilities, while always treating the individual and their family with dignity and respect.

Dale Rogers Training Center provides services for teenagers through a summer day camp - Camp Tumbleweed and Transition School-to-Work for high school juniors and seniors with disabilities.

Adults with disabilities looking for work are assisted by certified employment consultants in our Employment Services department to find the right job to match their abilities and interests. They assist the person to learn their new job once hired and integrate into the work site.

Those with more significant support needs work and earn a paycheck at our facility on Utah Ave. through the Vocational Services, Special Needs and Mobile Workforce.

Finally, DRTC employs people with disabilities at full federal wages plus benefits through our contracts with Tinker Air Force Base, the FAA and the federal government downtown OKC.